Writing as a Gift Campaign 2022

Writing as a Gift Campaign 2022

We believe in sharing the gift of writing with our community. When they learn the power of the craft of writing, they bring their stories to life. Our strategic vision is to teach 12,000 people how to bring their stories to life by 2024.

*$25 pays for a vulnerable child, youth or adult learner to take 9 instructional hours of creative writing.

*$50 funds our free virtual author series, The Big Texas Read, which brings top-notch Texas authors and literary conversation right into the homes of our audience members!

*$100 helps to underwrite our Black Lives Matter Scholarship Fund, launched by 2020 Texas Poet Laureate Emmy Pérez and co-organized with Poets Against Walls. The scholarship supports black writers by making our Public Classes accessible at any stage of their writing career.

*$250 pays for 2 Cary Clack scholarships to make our Public Classes accessible for all adult community members.

*$500 supports Gemini Ink’s year-round free author talks, community open mics, and craft lectures.